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Sick of ***@ hotmail.com?

How about ***@taggs-island. com ...

If you are a Taggs Island resident, you are welcome to a free taggs-island.com email address which will forward email to your normal email address.

Taggs Island email addresses take the form of "(houseboat name or surname)@taggs-island.com" and have the advantage that the taggs-island.com address is permanent (enables you to change internet service providers without losing or changing your email address) and enables island residents to contact you just by knowing the name of your boat.

If you have your own website you can have it on our pages - see left. To get your free Taggs Island email address contact taggsweb@taggs-island.com.

Because Internet addresses can not have spaces, if your boat name has a space in the name you will need to use a dash "-" in place of the space. Therefore "The Phoenix" becomes "the-phoenix", or join the words together "boathouse".

Please be aware of the Acceptable Use Policy and that this email service has anti-spam mechanisms to eliminate junk email.